Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Paddy's Day Cake

I think I should start by saying that this is not really a recipe ... or even a tutorial for that matter (although I will link to one).  I just made this cake and I was pretty proud of it :-)  I guess this is more of a design idea for a St.Paddy's Day cake.

Here are the details of the cake:
- I made 4 8" cakes, two are plain, and two I coloured green - I just used box cake, but you can use any vanilla cake recipe you like
- Irish Cream Frosting - Made my favourite vanilla frosting and added about 5 Tbsp of Irish cream
- Took about 3 days to complete but I was going slow
- I followed this tutorial from Sprinkles Bakes take a look around her site, it's awesome
- The Pot of Gold on top of my cake is a cake pop that I just dipped in some gold sprinkles

Happy St.Paddy's Day!!

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